shes a quaint lil thing with hair bright orange that shines in the sun. she comes from the foothills where the oaks open up to the pines and the grass is for bare feet only. freckles from head to toe i called sun kisses when i made a lullaby up to help her sleep. her soul is as sweet as they come and when she talks its like shes singing and when she walks its like the cha cha cha...ugg boots and old faded jeans sometimes even a wetsuit and bikini. no need for make up or smelly things shes perfectly scented clean like after a summer rain. her music is like her aura and them songs will be the golden oldies of next generation...the movie garden state. the song "first day of my life by bright eyes" the color of lake tahoe in the spring. the smell of hot sand in the summer on the beach with nothing to do except hold each other. camping down the oregon coast in a subaru wagon parking and sleeping under giant redwood trees and never needing anything other than a meal...baking macaroons with my homemade recipe and eating them all night in bed after a hot bath...perfectly fit. every part of our bodies. every thought. every want or need is always a fore thought. every time somebody climbs tree 9 and looks in their partners eyes and then back out at the sea like roosting eagles. every ring, every bracelet, every necklace made from a broken guitar string. every line in every movie. every song  every love bird has ever known. every time i think of her i know shes the only one. everytime. it was a year of dreams of her every night when we split. every single night shed come to me. wed sing songs and wrestle in the living room. wed dream together in our sleep. im so sorry i let you down. im so sorry i was selfish and scared. im so sorry i didnt and dont believe in western medicine but i am not sorry for thinking about you every day for these past 3 years and im not sorry for sending my love in a song every time i play new slang. and im not sorry that i will love you forever because there is nothing better than knowing that love never dies. and dont you worry about me kid, i want to grow old with you so i will wait till the cows come home and probably see the pyramids and the temples alone but im going and macchu pichu is waiting for you if god brings us across paths good. i know im trying. -love Beau