Ak-47 II Angels & Kings

 Lila is 19 and standing on the window ledge of the third story of the psych-ward of the Los Angeles county hospital. she's holding a night stick that is dripping blood onto the white window ledge. flash scenes of the last few minutes flash across the screen of when she knocked her doctor out who was trying to shove pills down her throat and the orderly that she kicked in the chest and hit his head against the wall and was knocked out as well. she exited the room and the security gaurd heard the skirmish and chased her down the hall. she warned the security gaurd to not try to capture her by shaking her head "NO". the scene unfolds with her kicking him in the groin and then a combo series of punches. he swings his night stick towards her head and she ducks as the night stick catches another orderly on the head. she wrestles him to the ground and uses the night stick against him and then stands above him begging god for mercy. she grabs his set of keys from his belt and runs to the exit door.



im about 10% done with the sequel.