art is respected still in europe. the dog eat dog of capitalism has a stronghold there but honestly it didnt ruin their way of life like it has here. there were periods when art in america was the beautiful awakening of a new generation. when it was taken in with open arms by the older generation and only the elitistists in their created stereotypes shunned the new greats. now our entire generation has been doomed to be the wanna bes of shepard fairey. like we are all trapped under his great white shadow of redundant (yet talented) propaganda based art. its so sad to me how the baby boomers dont collect art. they buy only ikea redundancy that is cheap or something from some other bourgeois consumer catalogue crap. you rarely see somebody over 40 buy a piece of art and hang it on their wall. its like some blind leap of faith that none are willing to take so we artists get an an extra hundred bucks every so often and buy each other's work. its this reciprocity that keeps so many from starving and so many other's from suicide that somehow they get to their next show or their next canvas. its such a dilemma this capitalistic mindset we are ingrained with at such a young age that only now i can see in our generations children that thank god will not be the status quo. they are free thinkers and recyclers at age 5. they are green to the core and not some front for a green washed lifestyle. they are radical and liberal and conservative all at the same time. so fuck the baby boomers anyways and their fleeting retirements they invested in the capitalistic mindset. fuck em all.