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 banks shouldnt "take advantage of people" because simply put THAT IS INHUMANE. business ethics were changed from a socialistic code to a code of war like ethics after world war II in order to create a united economic front against liberation of undeveloped nations. this "dog eat dog" mentality has been pounded into our skulls and in turn our hearts so deep that people are willing to empathize with bloodsucking corporations that feed off the inability of the masses to create social equality in society that they make remarks similar to that. TAKING ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE IS NOTHING LESS THAN TAKING ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE. i ran a sucessful business for 3 years and i didnt take advantage of anybody. i actually did the opposite, i provided a community with skateboards and goods at a cost they could afford but still enough for me to make a small profit and provide myself a life. Banks have never been honest with people and people have never actually needed banks. credit card companies bought out congress people through lobbying and deregulated the laws in order to sign a bunch of un-knowing starving college students up for cards and then in fine print bend them over and fuck them in the ass with huge apr increases and fees if they dont pay off their limits in time. this culture is trapped in a vampire like mindset where people step on each other in a screaming, scraping grasp for a decent life and never actually get there. nobody can afford to ever actually own a home like our grandparents did, instead they are content to have a 30 years of debt death sentence where they will try and scrape by to get the mortgage paid and forgo healthcare and taking care of their bodies and teeth in the meantime....its a viscious cycle and people need to have empathy and open up to the idea that THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN and the only way to fix it is to bring new concepts and ideas into play and into power and no longer vote for any person that doesnt have the actual plans to represent them. NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION..i am going to raise taxes to every family making over 1,000,000 dolllars per year and lower taxes to every family making under 100,000 per year. we are taking this ship back by any means necessary.