what happened to your orange horizon

and your midnight goodnight drives

years went by and i saw you fall

far from the branch from where they swung

what happened to that song you sung


well I heard a line or two, scribbled in those comic books

stole a tune or three from that dead guitar i took

whered the strings go after they last shook


what happened to your lofty plans

of circling circus swings

of caroling on the coldest night in the middle of july

wheres the tallest treehouse you planned to burn

whyd you disappear when it was at last your turn


(((what happened to your so called saving day)))?


'cause i heard a tale or two, splashed across these cavern walls

caught some whispers bout your whereabouts and wherewithalls

whyd you say you were just fine with it all


well i can wait a thousand years

a thousand more if your tales are tall as truth

a million nights i'll be alright till you show your proof

and ill believe you when the oceans are full of wood

and you fly that balloon to china like you said we should


-by johanna traynor