you are the summer and when we split i became the winter. i am the cold wind that blows you home. i am the ice melt in your river flow. i am the diamonds glitter on snow. i am the dark clouds behind your rainbow. i am the blue flame so hot it feels cold. i am the volcano under the ice of antarctica that nobody knows. i am the lost ship at sea under cold water swells of heat. lost in tropical disease. lost in opiate dreams. lost in titanic shipwrecked sleep. i am your chills in the shower before the warm perfect flow. i am the crystals formed on your old ice cream cone. im the frozen tundra on your artic great plain. your solid frozen ocean bay. your submerged tree that only grows new bark. dead branches and a dead heart but still a pulse of life waiting for your open eyes. waiting for you to say hello, a hug then goodbye. give me your summer rain. give me your jealous pain. give me your hurt and scars and broken teeth. give me your death and take my life. take my heart. take my spleen just give me something. anything.