its so untasteful to be so wasteful

yet you smile and get another plateful,

then you're reminded of something kind you did

like recycle or ride your bicycle

its long gone then you drive your suv on home to your green lawn

and turn the tv on till your minds gone

its all happy lies and truthful guys telling what to buy

and on fake tits you rely

so you straighten your tie and you kiss her goodbye

for the big day and your overpay

as the day goes and the secretary blows the plot gets thicker

yet you cant read the bumper sticker on the beat up car not too far

from the class in which you used to be

the filtered air in your penthouse perch

has no real feeling so you search for that salty breath of air in me

i took it in with oxygen that your upper class will not receive

soon this low class sea of us and me will rise up to the mountains and the trees

when the oceans swell and you're in hell

we will let you burn in peace