Critical mass

 LACM NOW HAS A POLICE ESCORT... SFCM DOES NOT HAVE A POLICE ESCORT. i first rode sfcm in 1999 and there was no police escort then and there is no police escort now. and ps. when we stopped at the riteaid on sunset and western i went to the top of the home depot parking lot across the street and there were blatant fbi or undercover whatever the fucks surveying from up there with radios and weapons. its obvious they are scared of the unity of CM and they are on their heels to spin it into positive pr for the machine and those of you who dont know what "the machine" is its called the new world order and its an internationally controlled police state being put into place throughout the world to keep 3rd world countries from organizing and prevailing. its ran by the wto, the g8, the interlocking conglomerates of mainstream media and the monopolies of food, drug and energy sectors. if you arent educated and dont understand sociology thats fine and i respect your idealist mindset to co-operate with oppressive law enforcement agencies...although i dont agree with you and will no longer support critical mass. there are two forces at play on this planet. one fights for unity from a people's stand point and one fights for unity from a evil machines standpoint. i support the free people. that is all. save our mother earth first. respect and love thy neighbor. protect your family from all forms of oppression and freedom, liberty and JUSTICE for all. (justice is not fines and parking tickets and violations of minor consequence followed by severe penalties and imprisonment) our parents did not buy into the new world order and un-necessary wars of greed. our parents STOPPED VIETNAM. its fine if you want to let critical mass become yet another useless tool of propaganda for an evil empire. you win. peace out. -B