god damn dont you chics realize why we date 21 year olds? its because we don't want to go through the same bullshit 20 questions and non-sensical small talk before we even find out if we have a good vibe. if a guy has the courage and audacity (yes, "courage" its takes a lot of fucking courage to go talk to a girl in this day and age filled with so many cold bitches) so if he has the audacity to ask you your name and then you end up giving him your number or contact and then he follows through and shows respect in asking you out for tea or something it means he wants to see how you vibe. why force yourselves into an awkward full "date" when you can meet for tea or go for a walk and see if you even have anything to kindle. why worry about what he does or what he doesnt do or what he drives or who of your friends he knows when really all realtionships come down to 3 things: 1. if you vibe ie (personalities, sense of humor, sexualy) 2. the things outside yourselves ie beliefs, family, work, social life, hobbies. and 3. your taste in music ie. if you hate each others music or even dont really like each others music (i am sorry to say this) but IT WILL NEVER LAST...so please for god's sake if you are interested in a guy and even want to know just a little bit more about what he is really like just meet in person. the 2 dimensional world is not "date friendly"...and if not, then i guess you wil realize why we always go for 21ish year olds: BECAUSE THEY LIKE TO HAVE FUN WITH NO BULLSHIT OR BAGGAGE! hope you enjoyed this romantic, relationship rant...i know i did. until next time...peace, love and freedom. -Beau