i just supposedly owe the dmv thousands of dollars for a ticket when i was working (chefuer) and didnt have my wallet on me. then she ran my shit and i was all good but a fix it ticket or something turned into a $470 dollar fine and then my ex had tinted windows and i was driving and he gave me a $250 dollar ticket and then i couldnt pay either because i was making about 10 bucks an hour (poverty level) so i said fuck it and didnt pay either of them. then i got a jaywalking ticket on caheunga for $240 dollars then about 1500 hundred in parking tickets in about 6 months. then i went to the dmv to re-new my license and they said had to pay 3 dif counties 3 seperate amounts and i had to pay 2 of them in person in norcal. so then i laughed and i havent had a license since. oh and then i got pulled over (at my job) TRYING TO MAKE MONEY TO PAY OFF THE FIRST TICKET and i had an EXPIRED license and got a court appearance and i think about 1500 dollars more fines and a warrant to go with the warrant for the tinted windows tickets on a car that was not mine. i love america. i do. meter maids? well they might be hitlers handymen but i thought he died? somebody else told me hes alive and well and like 97 in argentina by the beach...i dont know. i dont believe anything except temperature these days. i believe it when my tea is too hot and it burns my tongue. thats all brother. nothing more. nothing less. yeah. thanks?