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 nothing is wrong with having money but many people that have "the most money" are greedy and oppressive. take for instance REPUBLICANS. the middle class ones and working class ones tend to just be "normal" people but the upper class and wealthiest republicans are actually NAZIS and most of the most elite republicans in america and most of the richest families in america in general all have ties to the NAZI party. they are fascist pigs and they deserve to be imprisoned for their war crimes against Iraq and Afghanistan. both are illegal occupations against UN law and both are supported mostly by the elite "wealthiest" one percent of america and now the democratic party has become basically what the republicans were 30 years ago as we enter this corporate sponsored neo-fascist/police state disguised as capitalism. so in short theory there is nothing "wrong" with money. there is much wrong with wealthy elitism that is gone rampant in america. especially with foreigners who come here and act like they own the place. most of them buy houses in vegas and reno and use the tax laws and business laws there as shelters for not paying tax even to their own countries. reno has more millionaires per capita over any city in america because its all for tax shelter purposes which brings up my second point. when nixon began the new world order and changed the republican party from the working class party into the new right wing agenda of international globalist nazis that it is now he also created a new version of control by corporations pandering to the wealthy. he created the opposite to the 'new deal" that had raised the middle class in america to a level the world had never seen. since then the richest one percent has created the system in place now that is turning our country into a service based economy rather than a production based economy so that classism is fully enacted and only service based jobs with no benefits are the norm (ie restaurants and hotels and bars) by shipping jobs to china they are intentionally squeezing the middle class out of their homes and farms and buying up the foreclosed propertys and renting them out to the broken backed workers who lost them to begin with...the cycle is creating a class war and though the mainstream news doesnt report much of the non-violent civil disobedience and civil unrest that takes place that doesnt mean its not happening. millions of homes have been foreclosed on by greedy members of this society leaving millions more people homeless and hungry and the actual malnutrition rate has sky rocketed in the last 6 months in children under 12. there are kids actually showing up to many public schools telling their teachers their parents cant afford to feed them. 1 in 6 families in america now is going to be hungry at night with ZERO FOOD ON THE TABLE. though this is all happening its not something many "rich" people like to talk about or create resources or solutions for because "money" to rich people is just a means to an end. its just a resource rather than a necessity. so there you have it. the reason i detest "wealthy" people is because most of them are greedy nazi supporting inbreeds. once again: HIDE YOUR PORSCHES. they already burned down some mansions in the hamptons of bank ceo's that were caught for frauding homeowners...try starting an npo and feeding the homeless then you will prob save your mansion. otherwise: goodnight and goodluck.