If I was a thousand feet tall

 If I was a thousand feet tall

The waves of the sea would be oh so small

& the mountains a stepping stone to the sky

The silver moon would be just out of reach

The redwoods, I would trample like weeds

I would give King Kong a call

Only if i was a thousand feet tall...

If i was a hundred feet wide

The freeways are where I would hide

& I would sleep on the roof of Wal-Mart

At night I would roam coast to coast

Thrashing the strip malls like the ghosts

Of the millions of slaughtered buffalo

Nobody could run, no Wal-Mart could hide

Only if I was a hundred feet wide...

If I was just an inch

My dreams would be such a cinch

I would sneak into the big white house

I would creep around quite like a mouse

And plan a revolution no doubt

It would be a complex plan

After I studied the man

To overthrow this monstrous machine

It would only hurt like a pinch

We would steal America back from the Grinch

Only if I was just an inch...


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