If you think you are crazy you’re not it’s the ones who think they are special that are. Nobody is special

 the only thing crazy about me is that my heart leads the way. my soul and body and mind try to control it but honestly my heart is the pilot. i grew up in a couple areas and got exposure to many differnt lifestyles but the reason i have so much pain is due to my faith in humanity getting washed away and then coming back like the shifting tides. i am in love with nature. i grew up fishing and hunting and my soul only feels at rest around trees and or sand or the very least open space. when i see the environment being destroyed it pushes me to the brink. i would rather save our mother earth and be ridiculed along the way than sit back and watch the world be destroyed by humans. humans are loving beings and i love most i come across yet most feel that they are not responsible for the detriment that their society creates. i feel the opposite. i feel i am completely responsible for the gulf spill, for i used to drive cars. i feel i am completely responsible for us being attacked on 9-11 because i had not made arab friends yet. i feel completely responsible for the damming of our beloved rivers for i had not stood up yet and spoken about my ideas to save the salmon. i felt all of this weight and pressure and pain and i released it by spray painting walls in the middle of the night as messages in a public diary to all of us so that we may feel the pain together and then overcome it as one. i am not seeking attention for myself although i have found it is necessary in order to be heard. i am seeking attention for answers to the problems that we will come to consensus with as a whole. as we come together. i might seem to be "wacky" or "crazy" or any of those things you have been to told to categorize me as from your psychology books but i am not. i am just a simple man who has lost all fear of oppressors and all fear of religious dogmas and all fear of damnation and decided to take a stand. not against humanity, but for it.  if you have fear of your government or fear of your god or fear of your fellow man than i have empathy for you and i hope you can join us soon in ascending beyond that fear and uniting with people willing to sacrifice part of their personal lives to open up and try to create new ways of progression, including non-violent civil disobedience in the name of liberation for common good. thanks for understanding and im sorry if i hurt your feelings. peace and love. -BP