Friday, January 18, 2008 

hollywood night three

o night 3 started around 11pm...we rolled into "birds" for happy hour..(no shit! happy hour at 11pm!) a pitcher of stella artois down the hatch and some interesting conversation with a cute british las who does make up for horror movies...she showed us pics of her demon head prosthetic shes making..they tried to rope us in but dj bobby and i ride tough so we skidadled over to beauty emo euro trash wanna be's have never been so proud..we walked in with our hoods on... hats crookd and wreaking of somethin...we got 2 steps in before cool guy "nick" in his wanna be retro hat and unshaven face confronted us.."what are you guys doing here?" astonished that he wasnt the door guy,

i replied," well its a bar? no?" then he tried to convince us we were gay and gave us a full critique of our clothes...i had enough! my dry humor and wit was running extra dry..and my wit had turned to rage...alas i had the golden ticket though! tattoos! if only he could see them he would instantly know i was cool enough to be in his presence at this amazing and above all the rest piece of shit bar..i ripped off my sweat shirt exposing my ink ridden arms and said "here look, its ok! i fit in here! accept me into your clique!" i had had enough..i walked to the bar and laughed it off...steaming..i said to the bartender..if that guy says anything else to me all night..i am going to drag him by his hair out into the street and beat him till he starts singing "the cure"....."monday you could fall apart, tuesday, wednesday break my heart, thursday.....