Like the plague

 Benjamin Ciaramello October 23 at 6:40pm Report


Life is only tuff for people who think its tuff....the outer reality is not the real reality...the real reality is each persons imagined inner kingdom...people get fucked up when they allow the illusion outside of them become their inner reality and thus they experience whatever they are entertaining within.....SEE BEYOND THE MATRIX.....don't be dissalusioned by the circumstances outside of you....they change when you Vibrate beyond them within...INSIDE first....outside 2nd.... Don't believe anything outside of you..its all malable and can be are the divine LOVE of creator and have the power to shape you so with wisdom....My world is heaven right now. I choose only to see and feel that vision and light within my mind and heart each day. Word Up


Beau Pollock October 23 at 6:52pm


i am a warrior. i fight for the hungry. my body does not matter to me. my suffering is my choice but i suffer for my people. i have no need for bliss because i am a warrior. my bliss comes when i die...i fight for the hungry, the weak, the poor and the souls that ask me to. i have a battle coming soon that will only 2 dimensional but when my movie gets made its going to change the world. instantly...♥


 Beau Pollock October 23 at 6:54pm


ps. i dont believe in aliens. lets have dinner with one then i will be a believer. i am a man of god.


 Beau Pollock October 23 at 7:19pm


pss. just so you know i am a man of god and i kill or atleast beat the shit out of rapists...i was just inside and its a zoo bro. we all have to pick a team eventually. make sure your boys keep it in their pants and respect the laws of tradition. the times are changing and those who dont keep up will get left in the dust. if any of your boys ever touch my ex's they must ask for permission first. if anybody ever touches lea with disrespect i will kill them. any man that lays a hand on a woman is not a man and unless she is asking for it regarding sex then that is different but times are changing and people need to keep up. just fair warning. i come from a small town and its spreading like the plague.