diamonds litter the sidewalk like the glitter off of paris hiltons vagina they crunch and sputter like a spilled box of cereal on the trailer trash floor, dogs bark the national anthem while eminem sings a patsy cline cover, the hypocrisy buys walmart stock and squeezes blood oranges for my breakfast of all egg broken basket of scrambled fighter jets protecting the lies of destruction construction blankets the beach babylon stayed in vegas left building, the odds are on black but the red never lies when money buys your soul for rent like a space in between the scenes of your pseudo mockumentary reality showoff the sunset strip naked in your tortilla flat tires on secret service suburbans with precious cargo mutiny on the bounty of trespassing in your own backyard disposition juxtapozed by a barbeque with friends of famous bitches that dance only to be seen on your screen by queens in defunct anti acne cream commercial coolness factored by duplicity complacency multiplied by your weak fear in my heart equals less than zero degrees of cold hearts gluing their faces to a hot box. kill your tv.