New one

 new one


blurry smiled and bushy eyed

you'll never know how i tried

bastardized this dated melody

you never knew how to save me

and you can buy me all the gins

and the tonics to save my sins

there's not a mix that will carry that

that can give me what i wont give back

my mind is swimming to a beat

to another song played on the street

my bodys dancing to another pulse

my lips can't help but to convulse

kiss my feet cuz they're black and blue

save your daughters, they wont come back to you

people dont look when they hear

sirens screaming too close too near

blaring 'fore the break of day

save it for the kids at play

whirling with a wind and wake

careful not to give and take

the limbs are broken, bandaged fast

you mind and soul in a tired cast

and i'll be here callling loud and true

too late to bring it back to you


words by co-conspirator johanna traynor