Not what it used to be

 my 3rd night in LA county this nice older man came through and was trying to call his wife. he was chilean and had lived here for 30 years. been deported twice and crossed the desert to get to his wife both times. u cant collect call cells so he couldnt let her know he was being sent to INS. she was around 50 years old and in the hospital and he wasnt sure how many years she had left. he said it may take him months to get deported and then try to get back again. we talked for a while then they threw him in the cell across from me without a phone...later a guy came through who finally got his girlfriend on the phone. the elderly man asked from across the cells if he could do a 3 way call or call his wife. the younger guy agreed and he got his wife on the phone and translated for him across the hall what to say. it was one of the most touching moments of my life and to think of the destitute in his wife's voice when she heard he was being deported and her ill and not sure if she would ever see him again...its crazy how irrational this society has become. you dont fully understand it until you experience it first hand. this country is not what it used to be.