Si se puede

 my first statement as an official candidate will be addressing my policy on immigration. i support  full amnesty to all current immigrants living and working in california. i support upgrading security at the border and completely stopping any new people from coming in illegally. the reason i support full amnesty is simply this: i was born in oxnard california, if i had been born about 200 miles further south i would have been born in mexico. if i had been born and raised and my family had no money and no opportunity to provide food, shelter or a decent life for me than i would have snuck over the fence most likely by the age of 13. i would have worked and saved money and sent every extra penny to my family down south. i would have figured out how to become a legal citizen and support myself. if you dont feel like you would do the same for yourself and your family then i doubt you are feeling from your heart. since they had the audacity to get here and are now working the jobs nobody else here wants they will be rewarded citizenship and demanded to serve under our laws and regulations and taxation. the current government hasn't figured out a way to produce jobs here while simultaneously shipping every possible job over seas and importing everything possible they can from china so we will have to create jobs on our own. its the american way. live free or die trying. i have a feeling many caucasian people will not be voting for me because of this stance. but guess what the majority ethnicity in the state of california is? Latino. si se puede. si se puede. si se puede.