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 im a bleeding heart so i try to understand that many and all of us carry much pain, this was my response regarding meg fox: she is just a person. a pawn in our machine. i dont wish death upon anybody. not even dick cheney. though i do wish he prosecuted for the war crimes he is guilty of. i don't understand why people expect celebrities to be perfect. they are just people and their lives are just as hard as everybody elses. yeah they might have more money or more things going on but they are just people and get depressed and anxious and have childhood issues like everybody else. when everybody was hating on lilo i stood up for her because who really knows her? who really kows why she hates her father? what could be there from her childhood that she doesnt talk about and is living out everytime she sees the face of a man? and who the fuck are we to judge her personal drug choices when our society is so pharmaceutically medicated it cant even think straight? so i say bless them. bless megan fox for the face she was given and the skills she has used to get her career with it. YOU THINK MODELING IS EASY? MODELING IS HELL IN A HANDBASKET! every day these poor women are sabotaged with psychologically damaging oppression to keep them rail thin and keep them standing inline instead of launching their own careers. THATS WHY I AM IN THIS INDUSTRY. to help liberate the models who want to have an extra 15 pounds and want to be muscular but still feminine. and the ones who want to buck the status quo and try their damned hardest to break through even though they are only 5'6". so as long as this society exists and operates the way it does i am going to salute anybody who bucks the system and rises to their own freedom and independence even if they get plastic surgery like dolly parton for dolly took the fall in her way and created a legacy for women when women were barely allowed to vote. she wrote more songs than any person in the world. i say let liberation prevail and only god can judge. peace and love. -BP









Lesli Clifton September 1 at 1:03am


I completely understand what you're saying and I have a huge amount of respect for you for taking that stance. I didn't mean "kill her" as in "take her life". That would be horrible! What I was saying was kill what she stands for. Well, actually, kill the way the entertainment industry packages her. She, as an individual, isn't to blame. I feel that, although the modeling world can be brutal on those who work in it, most models are probably psychologically damaged to being with - which is why many of them pursue modeling as a career. It's the validation factor. Generally speaking, people get off on knocking the next guy/lady down a notch - even our own children. Little girls are taught that models/actresses are the be all/end all of beauty - so that's what most of us want to be when we "grow up". We're raised being told (maybe not in so many words) that we're not pretty enough or at least AS pretty as the next girl. If you're a model, you've proven them wrong. You ARE beauty. You have become the woman that other women/girls compare themselves to. It's all a sick lie. If you are beautiful on the inside, that WILL radiate from within and you will be beautiful on the outside, as well. Something about your photography struck me the other day; you truly love women. Not just in the carnal sense, either. Maybe you just love life and the world and all of it's creatures, but women love you as much as you love them. They feel comfortable and beautiful around you. Either that or they're all fabulous actresses. Sorry for rambling. I really love your photography, though. And I think Lohan is a killer actress, by the way. I'm in her corner.









Beau Pollock September 1 at 1:14am


;-))) its true, i do love women. my sister past away when i was 15 and she was 22. it was the hardest thing ive lived with. when my father died 6 years later it was of course hard as well but in nature it was much more the way things go. my sister though was filled with magic. she loved books and left us her apartment full of bookshelves. i read almost everyone of them in spirts. her words stuck with me forever. i carried her things around for years slowly letting them go. artistically she set the bar in so many ways and she told me to never use the word "fuck" in reference to making love. my grandmother was her savior and i eventually became my grandmothers helper in her later years as she needed help. my mother is one of the most giving and generous people in the world as far a her career goes being the county counsel in charge of social services and focused on child protective services. she read every single child abuse case that came through her county for nearly 20 years and i imagine has helped hundreds of thousands of children by now. so the women in my life are def the most influential and when i decided to pursue fashion i knew my art had to impact the world with the right compassion behind it. ive only just begun and already i know it has changed the world. my screenplay i wrote is a story of female liberation as well. its got a dark dramatic story line in order to create the depth and american beauty like melancholy but all in all a message of liberation. im so glad we opened up this dialougue and i really repspect your critique of the industry and am going to cut and paste it into a note...;-)))