I want to thank you... Obviously we don't actually know eachother but through our simple fb communications I have come to appreciate and even adore your way of thinking and seeing the world, even on your darker days. Your eye for beauty is especially interesting to me because I think you see so much further than the surface. i was particularly intrigued when you mentioned something about a womans scars the other day... It has been bubbling inside me since. I realized this evening how much I love my scars. Every last one, because they are like pictures that tell a story, and they are soley mine.My entire life I have kind of been this jewel that people ooh and aah over, like in a museum. But those who love me, who cherish my existence... I am more than a shiny thing on display. To them it is not the luster that is appealing, its the uniqueness... The chipped corner, the odd shape or weight or the way my color changes in a different light. It is only those who truly love me who see my scars and love even more.