The Apache

 pop culture history lesson 1.

by beau pollock


Why do guys sag their jeans/pants?


its in response to their apathy and angst at authority. it originated in prison as the sign of the guys that were "bottoms" but then obviously was taken to the streets by tu-pac and such. now many guys who have done time (in prison, jail, juvenile hall) still rock the pants super low as a sign to cops and straight people that they dont like you (i empathize). trust me, once you've done any real amount of time and see how corrupt and hypocritical the "justice" system is you will be getting tattoos and prob sagging your pants too. most things in pop-culture fashion have a deep historical meaning behind them and arent just to look cool. some of the kids dont understand the meaning til they figure it out later but they understand the vibe of things and are attracted to them. like the mohawk for instance. it was a symbol of certain warriors of apache and other tribes so you knew that person was hard as fuck and would scalp you if he felt like it. then punks took it on and repped it correctly as they should. then pop-punk killed it and now its repped by guys in pop-country/fag christian bands like daughtry. pop-history 101 ala Beau....ur welcome.