to those who think i am too serious..

if life was like a homecoming dance in an american highschool...jesus and mohammed would totally be king and queen..not sure which would be queen:-}...they would arrive at the colouseum for the big game in a convertible 64' impala driven by tupac while bob marley sang in the background over the crackled loud speaker. as the crowd cheered with each passing car and the football players slapped each others bottoms in odd non-gay yet happy ways.. the king and queen would stand to receive their crowns and begin a night of dancing and drinking...many would sneak away from the dance like romeo and juliet to steal forbidden kisses and smiles..yet all the while jesus and mohammed sat on the throne?..yeah right!..jesus would be shakin his booty barefoot on the dancefloor to that song"play that funky music white boy"..and mohammed would be drinkin out of the water fountain in the quad since jesus was drunk and turned the whole city's water supply into two buck chuck..then they would call brother buddha on the cell phone and freestyle some new raps that confucious just would be a festive homecoming thats for sure..the presidents there and old kings and know fdr would ride in on some horse during the football game and tap the keg or start a war..what ever is nesessary..jfk and marilyn doin lines under the bleachers...ok..ok..but what teams would be playing?..maybe the raiders vs. the patroits..oooh symbolic!...and johnny depp is the next president right?..nah this ship doesn't need mutiny..just a clean sweep...gaga for president 2012