Trump is fascism

 a totalitarian state is only achieved by allowing women to create an equal spot in the work place but not in the military. this creates a financial stress on the family and the male feels ashamed when he does not earn the same amount of bread.


the police are women and shoot people daily. the military does not allow women on the front lines.


this creates the gap in the empathy of those patriots who do not support the war but support their country. 


the fact at hand is that the muslim religion is the new jewish religion in terms of oppression and is being eradicated in many circles for many dfferent reasons. 


most white americans have never been friends with an arab person let alone a muslim and yes there is a difference. 


there are millions of christian and jewish arab people in the middle east. 


the only solution to any of the 2000 years of genocide and killing in the name of religion is to create an independent sovereign state in the holy land. this state will be open to all people of the world.


there is too much at stake. world war III is imminent if we the people don't start talking and enforcing a new possibility.


the only solutions i can see is to confront the U.N. from an international united citizens stance and demand that our voice and vote be counted. 


this means we must form an international group that immediately takes steps towards this happening. 


there are thousands of people on this facebook page alone from all over the world. if you read this please respond in a comment with ideas on how to create this group and then further its possibility of being accepted as a voting party in the United Nations Assemblies. 


its possible. 


anything is possible.


the world is waiting. we must act NOW. 


it could be called the citizens of CO-EXIST.



that photo is of Bono.