...everything will change.....mmmmmmm. imagine nag champa incense burning next to a nice small woodstove, rain pattering the roof as you sip hot cocoa with your lover. you lay on a rug made of animal fur and it warms your bodies to the exact temperature its supposed to be. they get up and grabs the only metal cast iron pot u own that every meal is cooked in off the stove and they spoon you as you nibble on roasted veggies grown in your front yard and your kitten comes to see whats for dinner...she meows and rubs her head on your hip and you three smile as the sun is setting...the neighbors are playing drums and its so clear you can see every star in the galaxie...its a meteor shower near saturn so you lay under the stars and make love concentrating on them and nothing else and in the morning you talk about names for your possible rugrats as you bathe in the river and sing a song about love..or you just fight the power.