the point i am trying to make is that people like johnny are looked at as lower class because he chooses to live his life without all the fancy things that "normal" people do. therefore he is shunned when he walks into public and most people wont dare to talk to him let alone shake his hand (the single most respectful gesture in the world of MEN) and this disrespect comes only from the "top" down...for johnny and i and people who HAVE respect for ALL other people will surely shake the hand of any man who puts his in front of ours, but the "upper class" or people that "think" they are upper class do not share this same social value and respect and that is why people are called "elitists" behind their back and they may have so called "friends" who chose to interact with them in order to be involved with their social scene and "financial scene" though they do not actually possess character and true respect for each other which is clearly shown in your friends at box 8. this is why when i brought up the actions of your "friends" at that company they went behind each others back and even dared to say they "deserved to be kicked in the nuts" about each other. they obviously deal with this type of shallow elitist drama all the time and constantly are cleaning up the messes the people at the "top" make in order to still get their piece of the pie down near the bottom (no gay pun intended) with that said, i am not judging you for being "friends" with people that go around being disrespectful elitist type socal duchebags i am only stating that the people i call my friends usually have a much different lifestyle and tend to offer more wisdom and rationale rather than cheap tricks and chamapagne drama. thou to each his own though darlin and to each her own in your case. i just know a few folks that are willing to not just say "he shoulda been kicked in the balls" they are willing to actually do it on my behalf, so you might want to just make sure "they" stay downtown and out of this neck of the woods...thanks. peace and love darlin. miss you and so does deus...♥ -BP